Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Essentials: Nude Nail Polish

I love dark vampy nail colours like Rouge Noir, they look sexy and classic however the maintenance is a nightmare. I'm not blessed with the most steadiest of hands which means I don't really follow nail colour fashions and I make a lot of messy mistakes when I paint my nails,

except when I use nude colours... For me, they really are the best. Nude colours are not as much maintenance and since I'm normally quite busy and like to be lazy, this suits me fine. Nude nails go with any outfit and they are quick way to look chique and groomed! My personal favourites are pictured here. OPI in Passion and Revlon in Sheer Blush

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Denim Hot-pants with Black Opaque Tights: Just NO!

I'm from a rather cold country, Scotland, to be precise. If you are not from Scotland, you may imagine that the opportunities to wear hot-pants are few and far between. Yet it seems the more north one might go, the less the girls seem to wear, but that's another story... So anyway it is now Spring in Scotland and we have been blessed with a few sunny days. Some girls made the most of this and ventured out bare-legged BUT some chose and are still choosing to wear black opaque tights with their hot-pants. It drives me crazy,I work in a shop, so all day I have seen girls in denims and thin black tights teamed more often than not with plimsolls (white). To me, at least, it looks terrible, either wear hot-pants bare-legged or not at all! Is it only me that it bothers?!