Monday, 26 March 2012

♥ New Shoes

The other day, I made the brave decision to buy shoes which were not navy or black. I momentarily bought the navy version of the same shoe with tan trimmings, I say momentarily because as soon I walked out the shop I saw the tan pair and seeing as tan goes with black more than navy and I already had a pair of navy shoes I decided to exchange them right away. While the assistant was exchanging them, we decided that navy and black is a truly horrible combination and tan shoes would look quite nice with black skinny jeans. They are lovely boat-style shoes which I suspect will go with my very nautical-inspired wardrobe. They also make me feel very summery!
For the likes of my student self, the price tag of over £50 seemed pretty hefty but was somewhat lessened with my 10% student discount ;)
Besides I was sick of feeling every stone in the ground from my Primark fill-in shoes (emergency shoes until I get a more expensive pair), not only are the soles paper-thin but they rip off after a week!


  1. cute!!!

    1. Thanks guys, I didn't realise anyone had commented on my blog! xx