Thursday, 29 March 2012

♥ Perfume: from winter to spring

I don't wear much make-up, in fact most days I never wear it. However the one thing I must wear every day is perfume! Without it, I simply don't feel dressed. My favourite perfume Dior Hypnotic Poison has already run out despite having bought myself a 50ml bottle in October! Luckily I have a back up bottle ;) I was addicted to the vanilla notes and it was a perfect sexy warm winter perfume. I wore so much I couldn't even smell the scent on myself, which is what happens when your nose gets used to a smell. You're not aware you're asphyxiating everybody but they are!
Realising I might be a little heavy handed with the perfume application and that perhaps I might be in need of a lighter fragrance, I asked my fiancé for Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche for my birthday. This a lovely fresh spring/summer fragrance which I try not to drown myself in! It has fairly good staying power and the dry-down is lovely. It's very floral and perfect for those who want something a bit lighter for the hotter months!

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