Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Graze boxes-totes amaze.

I love Graze boxes. They are soooooo cute and my particular package gives me the perfect mix of healthy snacks mixed with a few sweet treats. If you are health conscious (like me) but would still like to snack on yummy things then Graze is perfect. A weekly box gives you four little punnets which you could take to work or class and would greatly reduce the temptation to buy chocolate or crisps. My favourites at the moment are Bounty Hunter- a lovely mix of dried cranberries, coconut flakes and chocolate, Vanilla Seeds- which I like to mix with breakfast cereal or organic yogurt and Copacabana- a mix of dark/milk chocolate buttons with brazil nuts. Graze has also inspired me to make yummy dark chocolate, fruit and nut mixes, myself for when I run out of my weekly supply. I love how good nuts are for you but find them difficult to eat. So I usually have nut butters like almond but now I find brazil nuts slip down better with a teensy bit of Green&Blacks dark chocolate (70%). A good thing too, since brazil nuts contain healthy doses of mono-unsaturated fats which are great for your hair and skin and are a good source of protein. Snacks containing fat and protein are ideal as the protein combined with the fat promotes satiety and therefore (hopefully) you will be less inclined to make bad nutritional choices!

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