Friday, 22 March 2013

Review- Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk

I normally use a foaming face wash- Organic Surge Daily Care Facial Wash to be exact. However the winter has really taken a toll on my skin and I wondered if a more gentle cleansing milk might be a better option. I chose Ren after some deliberation. I did want to try one from Trilogy as I love their moisturisers but offering free gifts for their first 100 Ren customers sealed the deal. I've never tried Ren so this way I get to try a few of their products. I love luxury skincare however it's so hard to find lines that aren't packed full of chemicals. Happily Ren is free of parabens, sulphate detergents and other crap. In my opinion, people really need think to about just how many chemicals they slather on their skin each day. Anyway on to the review. The milk is more like a cream. It has a very mild pleasant fragrance that I swear smells sort of orangey. I massaged really well into my skin which felt luxurious and then splashed off with tepid water. My skin felt lovely and clean and not at all tight. I highly recommend this to those with sensitive, dry skin or those who simply just want a nice basic cleanser. Although I've heard some reviewers say it doesn't remove thick makeup too well so perhaps it is better off as a morning cleanser. Now for the price tag. I've always spent a lot of money on skincare that is definitely disproportionate to my income, so I didn't think £18.00 was too much to spend. I bought my 150ml bottle from but it is also available from Marks and Spencer for the same price. UPDATE: I've also tried just wiping it off with cotton wool instead of rinsing with water and skin feels great

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