Monday, 11 March 2013

Natural Nail Trend- On Cheap Buffers

What with the natural look being in at the moment, I thought instead of painting my nails to go out to dinner tonight, I'd buff them. This was obviously a spur of the moment decision as I bought my buffer from mini Sainsbury where I was also buying nude tights to wear with a desperately short gold skirt- more on that later. It was only a three step buffer so my hopes were not high, the file obliterated my poor nails. Serves me right for being a little over enthusiastic. N.B never use a cheap file, my sister who is a beautician tells me most nail files are way too rough for natural nails. Step two- the ridge remover part was ok but I don't think I have any ridges. Step three, the actual shine part was a disaster. I buffed the crap out of them but I was rewarded with the most feeble shine. I suppose you really do get what you pay for. I will rescue them with just a coat of Blush by Jessica. Think that's about a tenner from John Lewis.

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